Deputopia is made for those who like their fantasy on the meatier side of things. The cartoon illustration perfectly shows you what Deputopia is all about. However, whether you are interested in this niche or not, Deputopia still deserves some serious consideration as an onahole mastubator due to its unique design.

First thing you’ll notice is the size of Deputopia. This maturbator is big and quite a handful. The entrance is tight and only gets tighter the further back the tunnel goes. The texture at the beginning are spiraling ribs that change into a nub lined winding path as it curves. The end of the tunnel is lined with tiny ribs and nubs for a mellowing experience. The entrance is a double lipped camel toe opening that has become very popular since 2012.

Deputopia is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a big, hugging masturbator.


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